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Yi zhe(易者), change and innovation; You zhe(优者), iterative optimization; Kai(凯), triumphant achievement. “Innovation, Optimization, and Achievement” are the DNA of EUCA Technology Co., Ltd. 

Rigorously upholding the principle of “bearing greatness with virtue” and striving for excellence in our field are our mottoes. Specializing in measurement standards and testing instruments, becoming the “invisible champion” in our field and becoming a highly respected partner are our career pursuits. High-quality customers such as metrology institutes, calibration companies, and research institutions are our base market, while developed economies such as North America, Europe, and Japan are our target markets. 

For nearly two decades, “excellent” has always been in the C-position. EUCA Technology's products either strive for technological leadership to help our customers dominate their industries, or use automation and artificial intelligence to free valuable human resources from simple repetitive labor and help our customers reduce costs and increase efficiency for sustainable development.

Measurement standard devices are our flagship products, including gas analysis measurement standard devices, viscosity and density measurement standard devices, common glass measuring instruments, and gas flow measurement standard devices. The H2O2 gas detector calibration device, 13C urea breath test detector calibration device, FeNO breath test detector calibration device, 10/0.06ppm high/low concentration formaldehyde analyzer calibration device, 1000/0.01ppm high/low concentration ozone gas analyzer calibration device, +150℃ high-temperature dew point calibration device, capillary viscometer multi-position asynchronous automatic calibration device, and multi-function automatic calibration device for common glass measuring instruments are among the few globally.

Our detection instruments are designed to tackle “hard-to-diagnose” issues. This includes oil fluid testing instruments for “above and below the earth and sea,” a 0.005℃ high-precision transparent constant-temperature bath, and intrinsically safe test equipment. The oil fluid high-temperature high-speed loading performance test series devices we have developed are used by the four major aviation oil fluid evaluation and research institutions in China and provide strong support for the safe flight of aircraft, which is among the few globally in this field.

In an era of uncertainty, the only way to succeed is to move fast. Survival and development depend on being efficient, professional, and providing high-quality services to deliver value to customers and provide quick service. We have collaborated with more than 80 clients multiple times, and the total number of instruments in use exceeds 500 sets. A technical team consisting of professors, doctors, masters, etc. is dedicated to research and development, with more than 40% of the company's revenue invested in R&D. The company has participated in research projects with China Institute of Metrology Science and Technology, Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Administration, Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department, and provides customers with support services such as project research and development, equipment customization, standard drafting, intellectual property rights, etc.

We are grateful to every customer and cherish every encounter. We will always remember it in our hearts and take practical steps to be a trustworthy partner for you.

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ISO/TC 158 27th Plenary S

The 27th ISO/TC 158 Plenary Session and International Symposium on Gas Analysis Techniques (2nd round) will be held in Hangzhou, China, October 17-19, 2024.

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